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Benefits of Investing in Studio Apartments in India

Indian real estate market grew exponentially, pushing traditional asset types beyond the futuristic approach. With this, developers incept studio apartments, a residential portfolio, and a pocket-friendly wealth creation option. While comparison troll between it and regular housing continues, investors incline to studio apartments ascertaining profit ratio. 

They proffer high profitability with minimum investment value. But, before stepping out into the property market, here are the things to know about studio apartments in India

What is Studio Apartment?

These open layout living units erase hurdles allowing seamless movement at home. However, the dedicated floor plans have integrated spaces for a refrigerator, TV cabinet, bed, and study table. The balcony at these inventories offers ample daylight and freshness. 

A studio apartment is a residential accommodation ideal for a single occupant. It is distinct from the regular one-bedroom apartments, as the unit has zero fractions. There are no walls in the layout, the kitchen, living, and bedroom are visible. Although a wooden partition can be placed to add volume. The open floor layout distinguishes the studio apartment from the traditional home. 

Studio Apartment Design: The Determining Factors

Floor Plan – The biggest factor that determines studio apartment design is the floor plan. A project on a big-sized land parcel has a spacious studio apartments. While the others have compact space. There are studio apartments in India with a minimum size of 400 sq. ft and a maximum size of 750 sq. ft.  

Compact Storage – The concept of optimum space utilisation works here. There are several studio apartment designs with built-in storage shelves. Some have vertical, wall-mounted, and hanging storage options. The compact storage idea minimizes clumsiness in the room and makes the layout look bigger. 

Mobility – The studio apartment designs offer mobility for the occupant as he/she can adjust furniture according to the space. With ottomans, sofa-cum-bed, and a study table, there is a maximum walkable area. 

Lighting – The minimum cabinets and furniture render habitant the opportunity to fix calm lighting. The studio apartment design appreciates table lamps, floor lamps, and other lighting. 

Reasons to Invest in Studio Apartments

Regular Cash Inflow – Undoubtedly, the concept of studio apartments is gaining popularity amongst investors and tenants. With offices, restaurants, and party places nearby the studio apartments, new-age millennials, and corporate houses don’t mind paying high rentals for it. Lease this property to corporate giants to create a regular cash inflow for yourself. The benefit of investing in studio apartments at strategic locations is a high rental value and capital appreciation.

Low-Maintenance – Studio apartments ask for minimum maintenance, reason is small floor plan. Regular cleaning is simple at compact and open area. With doors/windows close for the maximum time, there is little chance of dust and pollutants layover. Thus, an investor incurs less expense on pest control, painting, and renovation. 

Budget-Friendly Investment – The Indian real estate market is at a record high and bullish run is a prediction. Thus, young professionals can make a budget-friendly investment in studio apartments. These residential accommodations come within an affordable budget. Thus, engaging a fair amount of earning to yield high returns is a smart choice. 

RERA Approved – With RERA guidelines in place, working in the Indian real estate market becomes transparent. The developers have to attain RERA registration for residential, commercial, and mixed-use development. Stringent action is taken against developers if a non-RERA project is welcomed in the property market. Hence, with investment in a studio apartment, you attain long-term financial goals. 

Privacy – The studio apartments are part of integrated townships, thus bustling sounds don’t disturb you. The occupants of such an apartment enjoy interruption-free work time and maximum serenity. Also, nobody would sneak peek inside your living sphere ensuring privacy.

Best Location to buy Studio Apartments in India

The silicon valley of India is the best place to invest. The ownership of studio apartments in Bangalore is a door to acme rental values. The regular influx of professionals from across the country, here demands residential accommodation. In this scenario, your immovable asset can be a home to someone. Interestingly, new-age millennials, migrants, and regular tenants are ok to pay for qualitative living addresses.  

Adjoining the national capital Delhi is the Millennium City. The place is a citadel of IT companies and more corporates are coming in here. With professional growth possibilities, people are migrating too. The incoming of huge workforce calls for housing. The benefit of investing in studio apartments in Gurgaon is regular rental. The constant development work in the millennium city propels property prices to new heights. An investor can sell the asset after a few years to incur capital appreciation.

Noida is a satellite city of the NCR region and is an employment hub. The numerous IT/ITeS companies operational in the premises, welcome professionals and business giants. Thus, the demand for stayovers is increasing. The corporates are more interested in homely stays rather than spending on starry hotels. One major reason is the comfort that studio apartments in Noida offer. The privacy control, quick connectivity, and nearby recreational sphere route this inclination.

The least maintenance, steady income, 24×7 safety, and accessibility to leisure places are features of Studio apartments. With income and lifestyle growth, people are ok with paying high rent to reside in a peaceful location. Hence, there are multiple benefits of investing in studio apartments across India. 



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