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Best Vastu Colours For Home in 2024

A Vastu-friendly home is a concrete structure welcoming the breeze of prosperity in life. Manifold happiness by adding Vastu colours for a home in 2024. Consider colour therapy to celebrate bliss and calmness. The distinct corners of the living address have different directions. Thus, each corner at home has classified energies. 

Continue reading to know the top vastu colours for a home in 2024 that define success and peace in life. 

  1. Vastu Colour for Living Room

The living room is the liveliest place at home. With beautiful décor and electronic gadgets for entertainment, add the best Vastu colour too. A lot depends upon the size of the living room and the intensity quotient of each colour. Thus, strike the right balance between both. Here are the best Vastu colours for a home in 2024 to elevate your living room look. 

Best Vastu Colours for Living Room – Sunshine yellow, white, peach, healing green, and calming blue.

Colours to Avoid in Living Room – Dark colours

  • Vastu for Puja Room

The divine space renders freshness. The direct sunlight coming their way enlightens the room with blissfulness. A divine space distributes positivity, and thus colours for a puja room must have warmth with a balance of brightness.

Best Vastu Colour for Puja Room – Yellow, Orange

Colours to Avoid in Puja Room – Black

  • Vastu Colours for Dining Room

It is a perfect place to enjoy family time as small, young, and aged family members come together. The fragrance of freshly cooked delicacies enhances hunger, and wall colour hues uplift the mood. To ensure a flow of happy vibes in the dining room, you can select vastu-based shades. According to Vastu colours for a home in 2024, decorate the dining room smartly.

Best Vastu Colours for Dining Room – Pink, Peach, Orange, Blue, Green

Colours to Avoid in Dining Room – Grey, Black, White, Intense colours

  • Vastu Colours for Kitchen

The kitchen or the cooking junction is the heart of every home. Agni – the lord of fire rules this place. Thus, there is warmth in the zone. Hence, warm and cosy colours go best for this arena. The best Vastu colours for a home in 2024 will add cordiality to every relationship at mealtime. 

Best Vastu Colours for Kitchen – Red, Orange, Yellow

Colours to Avoid in Kitchen – Grey, Brown, Black, Blue

  • Vastu Colours for Study Room

A study room is a learners’ sphere where one can focus on gaining knowledge. Not just kids but professionals do have a study room. So, if you want to empower yourself academically, style the study room with these Vastu colours for your home in 2024

Best Vastu Colours for Study Room – White, Green, Cream, pastel blue

Colours to Avoid in Study Room – Vibrant colours

  • Vastu for Bedroom

It is a private space, and you must feel relaxed as soon as you enter the room. The colours should unwind your mind, body, and soul after a hectic day. Thus, Vastu colours for a home in 2024 suggest scuttling tones.

Vastu Colours for Bedroom – Light Blue, Sky blue, Foliage green, Floral green, Lavender

Colours to Avoid in Bedroom – Dark Colours

  • Vastu Colours for Entryway

An entryway must be spacious. The pastel hues add volume to the area to make it look bolder. Going by Vastu you can bet on the family of white colour as there are many hues in the same. 

Vastu Colours for Staircase – White, Pink, Peach or any pastel colour

Colours to Avoid at Staircase – Dark colours

Vastu is the ancient science of constructing buildings embracing positivity. Thus, Vastu colours are based on the foundation of direction. To absorb abundant peace, prosperity, success, and good health consider Vastu colours for home in 2024. One common tip to keep in mind is to avoid intense colours, as the darker shades of hues embrace negativity. 

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