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Best Hacks To Make Home Look Bigger

Home is where the heart is, but compact sizes sometimes breaks the heart! Not anymore, as intelligent home décor is the way to make the space look voluminous. This quick read shares the best hacks to make your home look bigger. Emphasizing fundamentals, this blog post suggests everything you can try to make the abode look voluminous.

Vertical stripes and the placement of these stripes horizontally is another hack to make a home look gigantic. If going for plain walls, prefer muted colours as they tone down vibrancy and make the room more airy. Continue reading as below are the top ideas to make home look spacious.

  1. Pastel Colours

The colour switch works magically for everyone. However, a lot depends upon the size of your home. Pastel colour tones are ideal for small homes. The brightness of soft colours adds more light to the space. It makes a small space look bigger.

White is forever in trend, but you can opt for pastel pink and peach. Discover the shade card to find more pastel tones in the yellow, red, and orange family. Add gold colour furnishing in the room, as pastel and golden colour complement each other the best.

  • Organise Space

A mess all around makes the room look ugly. Thus, one of the best hacks to make a home look bigger is organising the space. Decorate the room with vintage boxes and shelf storage containers.

Firstly, chalk out the unwanted things from home as void area creates breathing space. The induction of too many things in a small space makes the room look muddled. The best way to make a home look bigger is to eliminate unused products. Keep everything in an aligned manner as the linear placements add volume to home.

  • Minimalistic Home Décor

Less is more! True. Thus, don’t run behind a heavy loft of furniture. Instead, bring home light weight and multi-purpose furniture. The sofa-cum-bed, and dining table-cum-storage space are some examples of the same.

Place a center table with a storage rack beneath the table to raise the standard of minimalistic home décor. The addition of a couch with breathable fabric adds volume to the room. Try adding a table drawer with multiple storage shelves. It keeps things compact to make home look bigger.

  • White Drape

White colour offers calmness. It also adds volume to the area. The hanging of white drapes at windows represents ample space and lures sunlight. It is one of the best hacks to make a home look bigger.

  • Set the View

No matter what the frontage you have. Place the furniture in a way that offers a bespoke view is the best hack to make the home look bigger. If you have a road or greenery façade home, it is suggested not to congest the space with original flowers.

Instead, opt for uneven home décor items and furniture.

  • Mirrored Surface

Wait, before you think about placing a mirror, mirror everywhere. Read this. The ceiling-to-floor windows or doors with glass frames are the best hacks to make a home look bigger. With the addition of a giant mirror on the wall acts as a reflector of space.

Do put up picturesque frames at random walls in the home and make the place look bigger. The large windows at home welcome daylight inside the room illuminating every corner. Thus, this is one of the best hacks to make your home look bigger.

  • Decorate Lobby

Lobby, entryway, foyer, or anything, there are numerous names to call. But, concern in all of them is common. How to add volume to the space? Illuminate the lobby with heightened and transparent light. The hanging of photo sets make the lobby look spacious. With white walls and a coloured roof, the lobby will be airier.

A well-decorated lobby is one of the best hacks to make a home look bigger.

  • Intense Lighting

Lighting is pivtol for home, however, intense lighting is necessary to make home look spacious. Enhance the home décor with distinguish lights. Scone lights at the entry passage walls offer a voluminous reflection. Similarly, the sensor-lighting on the staircase render home as a bigger living space.

The addition of translucent lighting in the dining arena focuses on the table. Choose a unique lighting fixture for each room as it differentiates areas nicely.

  • Work from Home

Designate a place for your work at home and define its elements accordingly. A table chair set or a study table with a drawer enhances the overall look. The placement of work from the home corner is another best hack to make a home look bigger.

  1. Bold Fixtures

In reverence to elegance, don’t limit your home to exquisite fixtures, instead add neon letters and words. These glow-in-the-dark fixtures offer loudness. Thus, bold fixtures are one of the best hacks to home look bigger.

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