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Trending Ideas to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Already feeling the heat! Well it’s just the beginning of the summer season; the scorching sunlight, and hot winds are the future. If you think, switching the air-conditioner on is the best way to stay cool in summer is right, then take a pause.

The air-conditioner comes with limitations and power bill concern. So, why not switch to a sustainable quotient to keep your home cool? Don’t let apprehensions take a toll, as it isn’t a rocket science.

To learn the best ways to maintain low room temperature, this quick read is a must.

  1. Choose Pastel Colour Palate

A home décor vibe and temperature solely depend upon the colour palate. The bright colours create warmness resulting in high temperature. Parallel to this, pastel hues offer calming vibes that erase stress levels in inhabitants.

Also, the light and pastel colours add volume to the area, making a home look spacious. Thus, it is ideal for small, compact and luxury abodes to maintain coolness during the summer season.  

  • Keep Blinds/Drapes Closed

With sun dawning early, welcome morning sunrays but say no to the scorching sunlight in the daytime. Keep the blinds/drapes/curtains closed all through the day, as they restrict walls from absorbing warmness. It is a sustainable way to keep your home cool during the summer season.

  • Add plants to Home Decor

Several indoor plants release oxygen and absorb toxins. Like snake plants, rubber, and money plants to name a few. The addition of palm trees and bamboo shoots to the interiors does cooling and offer a visual treat.

In a similar pattern, you can add floral and greens in the back and front yard. Elevate the lobby design by placing plants on both sides. Top among several ideas to keep your home cool this summer is the placement of greens in corners and windows.

  • Select Linen/Cotton Fabric

The fabric selection plays an important role in balancing the room temperature. In the summer season, you must bet on linen. If that’s not your style, then turn to cotton fabric. These two are the most lightweight and breathable fabrics and release minimum heat.

The linen fabric cost is on the higher edge but it has an irreplaceable elegance. However, cotton is an affordable fabric with somewhat similar characteristics. Use linen or cotton bedsheets, pillows, and cushion covers along with curtains. It is one of the best ideas to keep your home cool this summer.

  • Switch to Energy Saving Lights

Lights are important at home, however, the regular tube lights and bulbs run high on the electricity meter and heat release pressure. So, switch to energy-efficient lights and bulbs this season to experience lesser warmness. If possible, try green energy lights that consume too little electricity and are environment-friendly.

  • Stack Gaps

Do you wonder why the temperature at home feels warm, despite keeping exits closed? The answer to it is gaps between the window side and walls. Also, the open space between the door and floor pushes hot winds inside the abode. Get these gaps fixed now and return the heatwave to the atmosphere. Stacking gaps is one of the ideas to keep your home cool during the summer season.

  • Welcome Fresh Air

To enjoy the cool day time, open the window at night and let the oxygen from plants flow in your home. It is another idea to keep your home cool during the summer. However, do not forget to hang the mosquito mesh, to protect loved ones from mosquito bites.

  • Turn Off Electrical Equipments

Plug out the electrical gadget soon after using it like switching off and removing the charger from the socket once the mobile battery is full. Similarly, do not leave microwaves, TVs, and other electronic equipment plugged in for a longer time.

Firstly, they release heat and secondly, due to the soaring temperature, short-circuits can take place resulting in a devastating mishap.

  • Water Bodies at Home

In the morning and evening, let the water flow free in the front and backyard of your home. It is ideal to release water into the garden twice a day as plants absorb water and release a cool breeze. Thus, it is among the smart ideas to keep your home cool this summer.

You can place artificial water foundations inside the abode. Decorate the living, dining, lobby, and puja room with them and let the cool breeze flow in the air.

Now, stop worrying about the sunny days ahead and embrace these ideas to keep your home cool in the summer season.

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