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Best Air Purifying Plants for Home this Summer

Embrace wellness by adding the best air-purifying plants at home this summer season. These alluring plant lives end the struggle to stay calm and increase immunity to fight against dust. Not just that, the oxygen-release feature of these greens, rekindles life with happiness. Alongside eliminating toxins from the atmosphere, they have many characteristics. Their scuttle scent flows across the home daunting blissfulness.

Some of them are just greens, while some have bright floral too. Here’s everything about the best air-purifying plants for home in 2024.

  1. Snake Plant

It is an easy-to-maintain plant with the characteristic of absorbing harmful bacteria. Ansevieria Trifasciata is the scientific name of this native plant from the Asian and African regions. Its sword-shape and colour variation of complete green or green leaves with yellow edges grabs attention. 

The plant filters air day and night ensuring clean air to breathe in. Its air-filtration technique keeps air-borne diseases like asthma and allergies away from you. The plant is a visual treat and thus lowers mental stress. Its placement at the windows, kitchen, living room, or the main door, cleanses air quality at the maximum.

Thus, the Snake plant is one of the best air-purifying plants for home in 2024. It also add value to the home décor.

  • Peace Lily

It is a low-maintenance plant with air-purification features. The beautiful white floral blending with greens enhances home décor aesthetics. The peace lily is the best air-purifying plant with low water absorption. However, it has unmatched absorption quality, particularly for acetone vapors. Acetone is an element present in surface cleaning solutions (like Colin). The absorption quality, of peace lily lowers the chance of irritation in the eyes and dizziness in breathing.

Place it at the main door or the living room to amplify its air-purifying quality in days’ time. Bring a peace lily home today to minimise the chance of infections via nano-dust particles.

  • Spider Plant

The beautiful curved-leafy plant in white and green colour is perfect for hanging in the balcony. It filters air quality by releasing oxygen and is also pet-friendly. The completely grown Spider plant procures a white-colour spider-like flower. Interestingly, it is a reproductive bulb that can be rooted separately to regrow the same plant in different planters.

Spider Plant is one of the top air-purifying plants that also enriches home décor. The elegant-looking green balances the hues of colours in the living address.

  • English Ivy

It is a climbing lush green-coloured plant in a beautiful shape and has multiple characteristics. It grows rapidly on the wall and has several anti-inflammatory features. The oxygen release characteristics of English Ivy lower respiratory issues in humans. Apart from purifying air, the plant offers a decorative look to the abode. Families with kids and aged parents should consider planting English Ivy on the balcony, entry gate, and boundaries. Its freshness embraces the living premises with pure quality air, diminishing toxin levels.

  • Flamingo Lily

Coming from the family of lilies it embraces visual treatment and medicinal properties. Flamingo Lily is a native plant from America with anti-oxidant features. It captivates air-borne pollutants, infections and curbs virus spread. The flamingo lily is believed to be auspicious and brings prosperity to the place. The plant with bright red flowers blooms around the year and is a native of rainforest. However, a humid weather condition works for it. 

Enhance your home décor with this top air-purifying plant in 2024 and enjoy freshness every moment. 

  • Rubber Plant

The thick leaves of this plant attract dust particles and erase pollution from the atmosphere. A rubber plant either has luscious green or brown colour leaves. Its anti-oxidant characteristics lower the risk of breathing issues in humans. Also, the plant reflects beautiful colour tones when the sunlight drops on it. 

A window or corner is the ideal placement for this plant. Another reason to bring a rubber plant home is its anti-inflammatory properties. The plant demands less watering. Thus, its maintenance is low with a high possibility of air purification. 

  • Aloe Vera

It is a green colour succulent plant with thorny edges and colour variants. Some aloe is of only green colour while some have a mix of green with white. It originally hails from the Arabian Peninsula and has air-filtration qualities. Also, it is useful in healing of skin-related issues. *Other than releasing oxygen, round-the-clock, its gel is useful to heal wounds/cuts and skin allergies. 

 (*Consult with doctor before using it on the skin.)

Bring home any of the top air-purifying plants and embrace freshness along with a spectacular home décor. Most of these plants absorb less water than regular floral, thus their maintenance is low. The glossy green leaves offer a beautiful view and lower down the stress level. Thus, there are several benefits of keeping air-purifying plants at home this summer. 



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